To Plan a Picnic Use this List of Picnic Ideas

Make it Easy for Yourself… Don’t Forget Anything!

This is a check list to help you plan a picnic… all those general things to help you get started before preparing food ideas for a picnic.

Of course different themes and outings will need different picnic ideas, so this is just the basic list to get you on your way while this site is being built.

So here we go…

Just print this off when planning a picnic.

You can tick things off when and they are packed.

If you are intending to walk to the picnic spot remember …

Lightweight and collapsible will help.

Basic essentials

  • Picnic baskets for your food
  • Wine picnic baskets
  • Ice box cooler to keep food cool…or hot/warm
  • Ice bricks for the esky
  • Maybe a back pack
  • Portable picnic table
  • Table cloth
  • Picnic blanket
  • Chairs. ..a folding picnic chair for each person
  • First Aid kit
  • Barbecue
  • Gas cylinder…don't forget, when you plan a picnic, to check it has gas!

To go in the picnic basket

Fill the Picnic Basket

  • Plates … Large, smaller and dessert… when you plan a picnic, paper plates or lightweight hardy picnic plates are useful.
  • Glasses and mugs…once again light weight if possible.
  • Cutlery...knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons…can be plastic.
  • Salad bowls
  • Meat platter
  • Bread board
  • Salad servers
  • Knife for bread
  • Serviettes/napkins
  • Barbecue utensils
  • Bottle opener and wine corkscrew

Just plain necessary when you plan a picnic!

  • Pepper and salt
  • Sauce/ketchup
  • butter
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Coffee…tea
  • Hot water in thermos
  • Salad dressing
  • Cream

Food ideas for a picnic

  • Plan a picnic with easy appetizers or nibbles… For example, nuts, chips, pate or dips.
  • Main course… lunch ideas Quiche, sliced meat, cold chicken or meat for the barbecue.
  • Salads… Perhaps potato, green salad, pasta, tomato. I have made some delicious salads just using salad ingredients from the fridge.
  • Bread, Rolls, French sticks.
  • Cheese … An assortment of hard and soft, or exotic cheeses ...and plain for children.
  • Desert… Flans, slices.
  • Cake … Here comes the chocolate or banana cake or whatever you choose.
  • Biscuits… Both dried for the cheese and sweet … Do you prefer homemade or a packet from the shop?
  • Picnic sandwiches … Now you can go crazy here… from simple vegemite or peanut paste to great creations using yummy ingredients.
  • Fruit picnic ideas … This can be made into fruit salad, left as is, or accompanied with a dipping sauce...for example, chocolate…yum!.

Drinks when planning a picnic

  • Water bottles of mineral or spring water … Do take plenty if it is a hot day and you go where water isn’t available.
  • A thermos of hot water for hot drinks.
  • Wine picnic baskets … Wine, goes well with a picnic but remember if you have to drive home, drink in moderation.
  • Soft drinks… Take your favorite and think of the children too.
  • Bowl with water for your dog.
  • Tea and coffee … This can be a treat at the end of a picnic if you are not near a coffee shop.
  • Ice … Can be useful/essential on a hot day.
  • Fruit cocktails.
  • Apple Cider or other fruit soft drinks.
  • Perhaps a Beer on a hot day if it's appropriate.

How to get there

  • Map… Such a shame when you plan a picnic if you can’t find the picnic spot…or your friends you are planning to meet there!
  • GPS…sat. navigation on your phone.
  • Walking map.

Miscellaneous picnic ideas

  • Matches or lighter
  • Dog lead
  • Camera for those picnic pictures
  • Toys, balls and picnic games
  • Frisbee
  • Umbrella
  • Bikes
  • Scooters
  • Picnic shelter
  • Wipes or cloth to clean little grubby hands
  • Insect repellent
  • Rubbish bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Don’t forget to check the fuel in the car!

Personal items

  • Sun hats…or beanies
  • Sunburn cream
  • Walking shoes
  • Towels for beach
  • Jumpers and parkas
  • Scarf and gloves

Useful Picnic Ideas and Extra Tips

  • Please be responsible and be careful with matches if you are in a fire prone area.
  • Be respectful of farming land or park…just as you would if it was your own garden.
  • Make sure plants are left to grow without being run over by your car or trampled by the kids…or adults!
  • Keep dogs on leads so they can’t chase sheep or other animals…or fight with other dogs.
  • Check to see that you have all your belongings from the check list as you leave your picnic spot….very annoying to arrive home without your sunglasses and hat!
  • …And don’t forget when you plan a picnic… leave the picnic spot just as you found it …or better. Collect ALL your rubbish, paper, bottles and food scraps… and take it home to your own rubbish bin.
  • Keep the kids happy by playing the old favorite “I spy with my little eye”…or similar, when they are tired in the car.
  • Most will prefer games on their iPad as they travel.
  • Be safe travelling home after planning a picnic… Keep that relaxed happy feeling!

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