Picnic Ideas... Woo Hoo! So where did all the fun picnics come from?

My picnic ideas and love of picnics started from an early memory as a small child, and a picnic under an old gum tree... with my parents, baby sister and grandmother, on a sheep station, in the outback of Australia.

Hello, I'm Susan Seppelt... I've always loved picnics, especially our bush picnics...

I have a photo, which I love, of this little family group
sitting under an old gum tree
with the picnic rug… wild flowers all around.

My Father’s picnic ideas, his favorite picnic food, was a chop picnic... with a slice of bread, a chop and a bottle of sauce (ketchup)... none of that fancy stuff like a salad! There was usually a small fire which my father prepared carefully… so we didn’t start a bush fire. Then meat cooked on a special wire rack on the coals… the flavor… yum!

This meant we could boil the billy (a small metal bucket for water) on the coals, to make billy tea. Toss a few gum leaves in the fire... there is nothing like the flavor. Ooh think I can almost smell the bush smoke!

There's nothing like billy tea!

My Mother, a very good cook, always made a fruit cake, or the very best sponge, to follow with the tea. You can try her beautifully moist cakes too.

Because of the bush fire threat, we now use a barbecue, as mentioned in the picnic check list, to cook picnic food.

Many picnics were enjoyed this way, but ideas have become more sophisticated now… from spuds (potatoes) in the coals, appetizers, salads and more cakes and slices and coffee and wine too.

An old photo... Enjoying time with "old" friends.

Friends from neighboring sheep stations and then boarding school friends, have enjoyed these picnic ideas and picnic food... and now our children and grandchildren really love a good picnic too.

And to have the perfect picnic... we always seemed to have a mob of pesky flies and ants hunting for tasty morsels in the picnic food.

Memorable picnics in other parts of the world...

Some quite simple and some with gourmet picnic recipes.

Amongst our favorites in Europe were those while holidaying in France. This has given us wonderful chances to experience a French picnic.

Baguettes for our French picnic.

How exciting to visit a French market to choose absolutely yummy food to go with the baguettes and local French wine… Then, to find a quiet lane, preferably with a little stream and tuck into the food and sip the French wine.

Our American picnics were in parks under magnificent, enormous trees, in Fall.

Then picnic ideas used along the Californian coast and wine areas… and again in New England, by lovely views of fishing villages and gorgeous forests, where time was spent with friends.

There have been many memorable picnics in the UK with crazy friends... and other times with small children in a motor home. There is something magical about a narrow winding lane with thatched roof cottages, being a little lost... and then coming across a wonderful secluded picnic spot.

Winding between the thatched cottages... then finding a lovely picnic spot.

Sometimes traveling alone, I have loved eating my picnic food by the hedgerows watching the countryside in the evenings.

Beautiful fresh smells and sounds from distant activity. Animals settling for the night, a tractor being put away… and the sniff from a dog out wandering and checking what delectable I was eating.

Now in our area...

In South Australia, especially around the Adelaide Hills, there are so many great areas to picnic with family and friends... and here we are with picnic baskets full of delicious picnic food, heading down to one of our local lakes.                                                                                                                                         

Picnic by a beautiful lake.

There have been impromptu picnics… simple and fun ideas with lots of happy moments.

Those combined with steam train trips... and concerts in the park... others well planned, with gourmet picnic recipes for horse race meetings.

And then the gatherings from house boats and walks along bush tracks after a good picnic… aah so much fun!

An old bush track... explore!

As you can see we have had a multitude of picnics... of every variety and with so many friends.                  

A call from friends... a flurry of activity in the kitchen... and we are off!                                                 

Any excuse to leave the chores at home and to get out in the great outdoors to relax, eat too much and head for a walk... Let's go!

Why not Share Your Passion ?

Amazingly I am the owner and publisher of this web site... as I mentioned, I've always loved picnics... but I knew nothing about building a website and all that goes with that, before doing this!
SBI! has given me the opportunity... and the chance to share these experiences with you while I build this site.

I really love doing this and if you wish to share your enthusiasm for your passion, you should have a look to see if this might help you too.

If someone like me with no experience in web building can do it… anyone can. This sure is helping me keep the ol' brain matter chugging away!

I was in retail before this and nursing before that and I sure am enjoying this freedom… far from long hours being tied to a shop or even worse the sick beds!

This has given me a chance to remember all those fun days and picnic ideas with friends and my family

… and besides if any of them call by for a coffee, I can drop everything without any guilt and join them.

This is my business working from home... for me to do, when and how I wish to!!

“Perfick” as Pop would have said in “The Darling Buds of May” …

and they had wonderful picnic food and picnic ideas didn’t they?

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