Picnic Food Ideas to Plan Your Picnic Menu...

So, ready for a picnic?

Great… you're in the right place to find delicious picnic food ideas to plan your picnic menu..

 Picnic food ideas, you'll need, if you've decided you are taking food for your whole family, then pooling and sharing with everyone... then the whole menu can to be planned for this.

These picnic ideas... will be great also if you are nominated to take just one part of the picnic menu to share with a group of friends and family. This gives you a chance to be wonderfully creative with one of these suggestions...

  • Maybe a huge mixed platter of appetizers.
  • Two or three really delicious cakes, or other yum desert.
  • Or beautiful juicy beef, or chicken, with Lu Lu's bread dip... adapted for a main course?
  • Perhaps try the green salad platter below and a yummy potato salad.

Prepare a gorgeous little picnic for a couple... the special picnic menu, just for the two of you.

Do you need picnic food for a simple family picnic menu... but still delicious? Find picnic lunch ideas for those times when you're on the run, no time, but still wanting to enjoy your day. A few short cuts can happen here, like this spread, for a last minute picnic lunch.

With a few clever additions and creative combinations...

Just using something from your fridge, or the pantry, for a last-minute family picnic in the park, will still make really tasty, awesome picnic food.

Choose a picnic menu from these easy food ideas... they are some of the favorite picnic food ideas from our friends and family.

  • Easy Appetizers … really simple suggestions without cooking... oh so simple.
  • Easy appetizer recipes for more picnic food ideas ... they are easy, but do need a little cooking or preparation.
  • Lunch ideas.... an assortment to choose from.
  • Picnic sandwiches... always popular and I will show you our choices from a recent road trip... an idea for you.
  • Salads... fresh and lovely to have with a picnic.

  • From picnic food ideas this green salad platter, a stunning looking salad and delicious too, went so well with the other picnic food, when we had a picnic with friends.

    It has been fun looking for picnic food ideas for a great picnic menu… searching through the old recipe books and the favorite recipes still on scraps of paper which haven’t made it into the recipe books.

    Friends and family have also given their suggestions and old favorites.

    Desert Cakes and Wine picnic baskets coming soon.

    TOP TIPS to make the picnic food prep. easier.

    Remember though… take food which is not complicated and is easily transported. There's no point taking picnic food which will fall to pieces or crumble on the way to your picnic.

  • Where possible, our favorite picnic food ideas are prepared the night or day before.
  • Assemble into light containers next morning, ready to go into the ice box or picnic basket or back pack.
  • This leaves the food in the fridge as long as possible and then packed last.
  • If you have Picnic-planning-ideas handy, this will help you... don't forget anything!

  • Appetizers are a good way to start your picnic food ideas and I have broken them up into two parts...

    If you are prepared to do a little cooking or extra preparation then these easy appetizer recipes are what you will need.

    They can be mixed with really simple appetizers for an easy start...like this bowl of mixed artisan olives.

    ...Great to have while you empty the basket and set up the picnic table.

    …Then on to delicious lunch ideas with stunning salads, followed by yummy desserts… cakes, flans and fruity bits too.

    So while I continue to research even more wonderful suggestions from my best recipe books for picnic food ideas, please start with these favorites… tried and tested and simple, they will be a great way to launch your food ideas for a picnic.
    You will find these sumptuous picnic menus will solve your dilemmas, you can have food ideas which are simple to make and easy to carry to your favorite picnic spot.

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