Enjoy Easy Picnic Dessert Ideas from our old recipe books.

These classic picnic dessert recipes will go down so well at the end of your delicious picnic lunch... then lie back with your hat over your face knowing you have organized a great picnic... ah relax!

 ... But before relaxing there is a bit of work to do, so where possible I like to prepare these easy picnic dessert ideas in advance... makes life so much easier!

So if you know in advance that you have time to make a cake, or a slice, or to plan a special fruit platter that the kids will love, then gather these ideas and prepare to have a bit of fun!

TOP TIP... Prepare before if you can.

  • Cakes can be frozen
  • Slices and biscuits popped in an air tight container
  • Other ingredients can be gathered ready to make something special

An easy last minute suggestion for your picnic dessert ideas.

For a quick last minute dessert just remember to check picnic food ideas... these little baskets are easy to do and they will disappear in a flash! Make extra!

I love it when our grandchildren help bake the cake, or the cookies, for our easy picnic dessert ideas.

It usually means flour and bits all over the kitchen, but I wouldn't miss out on the fun for anything.

... and essential for decorating a cake, is a yellow ribbon tied to your wrist, with balloon attached!

Precious moments!

The chocolate cake... no flour or sugar... an easy picnic cake!

This flourless and sugarless, delicious chocolate cake will bring great comments from friends and family when you bring this out for your contribution to the picnic dessert ideas.

I have made this cake from a couple of recipes I've used and have changed the fruit in it... and on it, depending on the time of year and what fruit is around.

As it is flourless and sugarless I don't use regular butter icing on it, but if that's what you like it would go well. A cream cheese topping would be really nice with it too. As you can see for this cake I sprinkled a little icing sugar over... looks good but not totally necessary. I did use plums in this cake because the trees were laden with the fruit... I just couldn't waste them!

Topping the cake...

Mixed berries are always a favorite, but bananas with sliced kiwi fruit, or freshly sliced apricots, plums or peaches would be great too. A sprinkle of pomegranate seeds would be very festive.

If you have access to small edible flowers like those on this cake, just make sure they are clean and free of any dangerous sprays and sprinkle between the fruit. You only need a few to look spectacular!


This cake can be easier to cut when made in a log tin. I have also used the recipe to make individual cakes like muffins, in a mold/muffin tin.

Easy picnic cake... Chocolate cake, without sugar or flour... but very delicious!

To make this cake click here to follow the recipe.

More picnic dessert ideas are about to appear on this page!