Come On, Enjoy these Picnic Ideas ... and Picnic Food Ideas for the Picnic Baskets.

These picnic food ideas will help you plan a picnic...everyone will be impressed with your picnic ideas.

Picnics are such a relaxing, fun way to enjoy time with friends.

Fresh air, delicious food and a delectable glass of wine.

When you plan a picnic well, you will have a relaxing and fun day!

Whether you need general picnic ideas …or the all important picnic food ideas for …

• romantic picnic for two

• lovely picnic by a secluded stream

• picnic in the park

• in an outback paddock

• or along a country lane

• even for a concert in the park

• or a corporate picnic

• or for a race meeting

• great beach outing

• teddy bears picnic

• the kids picnic table …and more

Do you need picnic ideas to help plan your picnic?

Don’t stress, here is help for you…even the check off list, so you can relax and have a great time.

Of course a picnic is a picnic wherever you are and you will find these picnic ideas will be helpful no matter where you live.

Our family has picnicked French streams, American Forests,

...along English lanes

...and Australian outback paddocks

...and in the Adelaide Hills,in South Australia.

We have experienced many great picnics, but most of our outings have been close to our home.

There are some wonderful picnic spots and who knows, if you live in South Australia, or plan a visit, you too can share our enthusiasm for these places.

Picnic food ideas can be quite simple and still be great

...just using something from your fridge or the supermarket for a last minute outing, perhaps with a few additions and clever combinations.

...or real gourmet food to go in that picnic basket.


A folding picnic table with a colorful table cloth is really useful for displaying the food easily. ...No chance of stepping on the chocolate cake if it is up off the ground!

We often share food ideas for a picnic, every group or family taking food, then pooling it.

There are times when we delegate courses…someone to take nibbles or main course, someone else to take desert and so on …and you will find this works well too.

Often this means more than ample food is taken…but that is a picnic and it is amazing how much you do eat when you are out doors in the fresh air!

Picnic baskets are varied and essential to carry your picnic food ideas.

Depending where you are having your outing you can use anything from a cardboard box to wicker picnic basket or backpack

...or maybe a picnic hamper all prepared for you….such indulgence!

Then of course there are wine picnic baskets to consider too.

As this site progresses I will expand on these picnic ideas… such as the best picnic baskets and folding picnic table and much more.

And also show you some truly helpful picnic food ideas to help you plan with ease.

I hope you will share your favorite ideas and places as well. …So keep watching this site and book it into your Favorites.