Are you looking for the Best Picnic Ideas?
Do you want an amazing picnic?
...But does the thought of it send you into a spin... does it mean stress?

Wow…someone suggested a picnic. Great Idea!
But what
are the best picnic ideas? 

Have the doubts set in... what to take... what to drink... what to wear... where to go... what to put in the picnic basket... and what picnic food ideas?

 Well, just relax, find the answers to your worries here...

 Enjoy planning with the best picnic ideas, including easy, delicious picnic food ideas.         

 Find all you need to take to a picnic... follow the picnic planning check list.

 Then use many more exciting ideas and tips.

 Everything you need to know is here, plan a successful, stress free picnic!

Our  best picnic ideas will give you happy days and the chance to enjoy some of these lovely experiences...

Infectious laughter.

Muddy paws and waggy tails.

Long carefree walks with deep discussions.

Lazy moments... even the odd sneaky nap with full tummy and hat over face.

Occasionally, tears from grazed knees... they'll mend.

The deep discussion on the best place to put the table and chairs, or the rug... sometimes tension, soon forgotten!

And lots of really delicious food shared with old and new friends... that yummy, really great picnic food.

 But most of all, the best picnic ideas will make
precious memories...
around the picnic baskets
So Let's Fill those Picnic Baskets !

Being mad picnic fans, we have had many years of great picnic experiences…
happy picnics and fun memories!

Picnic food ideas were always the first thoughts when I was growing up having family picnics,but then, the first picnic I was responsible for… everything from the family picnic food and the things we had to take… trying to remember the best picnic ideas... it was so much stress... so I understand how you are feeling!

Those old family picnics were quite simple...but now the best picnic ideas tend to be more sophisticated. 

Even a quick last-minute picnic will have delicious picnic food ideas... and a bottle of wine. And often a lovely rug, or fun table cloth on a picnic table. It was always a mug of tea or water back then... no picnic wine!

Just look at this quick picnic basket we had recently... I'll share the food for this picnic basket.

An easy picnic basket for two.

So let's plan your picnic day out...                                        
The first step for your
best picnic ideas is to see the picnic planning ideas this is where you'll find  the check off lists.They have been put together, showing all the basics that you need to take with you on a picnic… all the general bits and bobs from the dog lead to first aid kit and what plates and cutlery too.          

Just print off the lists to use as you plan and prepare... or have your phone with you to check.

  Need quick links?...

Follow on here to find more ideas and great tips...  Help is here ! For a start… do you have any of these things, the plates, picnic rug and cutlery, to put in the picnic basket… and do you need them when organizing the best picnic ideas

A big part of a good picnic, has to be the picnic food...

 So, questions for You..

1. Who is supplying the food… you?

2. Or are you sharing… and if so, how?                                                                       

3. Maybe your picnic is being catered for and you don’t need to worry about all these things… not as much fun though!

After pondering those questions... the TIPS  below, will make your plans so much easier when organizing a picnic and you will know exactly what part of the picnic menu you are responsible for.

Run the ideas by your friends, things you, or they, might not have even thought of.

   TOP TIPS... so which picnic menu for you?

  • We often share food ideas for a picnic... every group or family, taking food, then pooling it. This can turn into a magnificent feast. 
  • There are times when we delegate courses… someone to just take easy appetizers, or just main course, someone else to take dessert and so on... you will find this works really well too and can take away the pressure of thinking of all the food. It gives you a chance to be really creative and to work on something special.
  • Of course, in these strange Covid-19 times, in many areas you will find sharing food is not allowed, so here is a chance to make a special picnic with individual baskets or containers full of interesting treats... like this parcel. Think of the clean, healthy, fresh air too!             

How about special parcels of picnic food wrapped in a cloth, or clean, pretty tea towel tied up with string... for each person individually, when you’re not sharing platters. Fill with fun picnic food... everyone will have their own table cloth from this picnic basket... delicious picnic food ideas with a surprise tucked in too.

Individual picnic parcels when you can't share...
a great way to picnic in Covid-19 times.

    Even if this isn’t your first picnic, I’m sure you will find new hints and the best picnic ideas for a creative picnic… and tasty recipes for picnic food.

For the picnic food ideas I'll share my favorites and those from our family and friends… even recipes from amazing old recipe books.

Find suggestions, the best picnic ideas for... a family picnic, a car boot, or simple picnic in a car and lovely picnic ideas for couples, even a romantic picnic... and many more, ideas from very experienced picnickers.

Find a Secret spot for a Romantic Picnic.

For your family picnics... enjoy the excitement of packing up food, taking the food and kids and dogs to a lovely park out in the open-air, where you might sit and relax with friends under an umbrella.

Then munch on great picnic food and sip on a fruit cocktail.… while kids and dogs get into mud, climb a tree, or even run free on the beach at a beach picnic, with fists of food from your picnic food ideas. 

     Let Them Run Free at a Beach Picnic !           

Everyone will be so impressed with your organizing skills and your best picnic ideas... Especially when they nibble on easy appetizers you've put together, then see the really delicious dark chocolate cake... flour-less and moist. Will you share that it was easy to make?  It’s always tastier when you're out in the open-air and you have prepared the great new picnic food ideas yourself. 

You can make a really delicious... flour-less, Chocolate Cake

Show off your new picnic skills from our best picnic ideas.

Then, for more ideas...  Do you need a creative picnic, really inspiring, with fun ideas, to help plan one of these picnics? The food, decorations, invitations. Even the "must haves" for a picnic themed party.

A few great suggestions... Coming soon.

  • A lovely picnic by a secluded stream
  • A picnic in the park
  • Rustic, in an outback paddock
  • Even delicious things for a picnic concert evening
  • A corporate picnic
  • Glamour for a formal race meeting picnic
  • Fun teddy bears picnic
  • Find easy things to put on the kids picnic table 
  • Maybe a retro picnic setting for a fun, girls day out

Our family has picnicked...
by French streams, in American Forests, along English lanes
and Australian outback paddocks, then many relaxing moments in the Adelaide Hills... and many more special picnic places.

We have been so lucky to experience many great picnics, but most of our outings have been close to our home, just as you will possibly find too. 

There are times when we are visited by friends in a paddock... an alpaca, or a horse, even a few cows wondering what we are up to.

So, wherever you are... Just Enjoy your picnic!

Sharing my passion and love for a picnic...

and how to plan a picnic...  using the masses of picnic ideas I've gathered...

will make it easier for you to have a stress free, fun picnic... 

with delicious picnic food ideas too!

See what this beautiful dog has to do with picnic planning!

As this site progresses I will expand on these picnic ideas… and the best picnic baskets and folding picnic table and much more.

I'll also show you some of our family favorite, picnic food ideas to help you plan with ease.

I hope you'll share your favorite picnic ideas and places as well. So keep watching this site and book it into your Favorites.

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